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Continuing Water Service to Landlord's Agreement for Premise

This agreement is entered into between Vail Water Company
(Landlord's name)
  on this date .

WHEREAS, Landlord owns certain residential premises identified below and incorporated by reference herein.

Address to be covered by Agreement:




WHEREAS, the premises are from time to time leased to tenants and vacated thereby.

WHEREAS, Landlord desires that water service to the premises continue during those periods of time that the premises are vacated by tenants.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and promise contained herein, Vail Water Company and Landlord agree as follows:
  1. Vail Water Company shall provide water service to premises.
  2. Landlord shall pay to Vail Water Company, at the rate then in effect for residential customers, for all water service provided the premises unless and until Vail Water Company receives notice that the premises, or any one of them, are occupied by a tenant who shall be liable for the payment for water service rendered thereto. Should Vail Water Company receive the above-described notice, Landlord's liability for water service shall be restricted to those periods when the premises are vacated to tenants residing therein.
  3. The applicable service establishment fee will be charged to the Landlord for the connection of service under this agreement. Thereafter, the service establishment fee will not be charged to the Landlord when service is established in the Landlord's name, under the terms of this agreement.
  4. This request shall continue in effect until such time as Landlord gives Vail Water Company written revocation of this request or such time as Vail Water Company elects to discontinue this agreement.
  5. Landlords will only receive interest on their guarantee deposit while Landlord's account is active.
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